A federal contracting homerun is obtaining a spot on the OAISIS SB (Small Business) GWAC. According to the chiefs at Assisted Acquisition Services the firm’s sales grew dramatically from the position they obtained on OAISIS.


OAISIS is a GWAC (Government-wide Acquisition Contract) which is under control of the General Services Administration. This contracting vehicle was established to ease the administrative burden on agencies wishing to procure Professional Services. There are six pools of varying services in which approximately 125 Small Businesses have obtained positions.

GSA Schedule Prevalence

GSA Schedule Type Percentage
00CORP 72.6%
IT70 45.3%
Both 00CORP & IT70 29.9%
Either 00CORP or IT70 88.0%

88% of the members on OAISIS SB have either or both a GSA Schedule OOCORP or Schedule IT70. These firms appear to be leveraging their contracting experience, vetted pricing, and reputations in order to obtain one of these lucrative spots on the GWAC Contract with all GSA Advantage.

OAISIS is Lucrative for Firms

See table below, these 125 firms did over $1B in federal contracts. (see figure below)


Demand for OAISIS Contractors is High

OAISIS is being used by federal agencies to replace full and open competition. This in is due to the time savings over full and open competition while still complying with FAR regulations. The average time for a full and open professional services contract timeframe is two years. OAIS cancut the timeframe down to 6-7 months and is therefore on average 3x faster. For this reason I would anticipate OAISIS sales to reach in excess of $2.5-3.B for 2020.

Plan for obtaining a future place on OAISIS

GSA Schedule Contract is your first step in entering the federal market place. Many firms then leverage this to obtain a place on OAISIS and other GWAC and IDIQ Contract. Planning often years out is the key to successfully navigating the federal marketplace.