What Is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)?

An administration wide procurement contract (GWAC contract) is an agreement where various government offices adjust their necessities and buy an agreement for labor and products. Government-wide obtaining contracts (GWACs) consider economies of scale, which as a rule lessen per-unit costs.

These agreements are regularly used to buy new innovation, like PCs. With a GWAC, the national government can get creative answers for data innovation frameworks at a better expense for citizens paying. This kind of agreement might be led by one specific organization with the assumption that more offices will take action accordingly.

List of GWACs

The national government can purchase practical, creative answers for data innovation (IT) prerequisites through Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC contract).

GWACs give admittance to Best-in-Class IT arrangements including:

  • Frameworks plan
  • Programming
  • Data affirmation
  • Undertaking design arrangements

The GWAC Prices Paid Tool gives government organizations that register a point by point view into how their IT dollars are spent on GSA GWACs. Independent company put away GWACs likewise give financial credit.

You can now recognize gets that have acknowledged the Section 889 mass change statement utilizing the 889 Part B Contract Vehicle Modification Tracking Dashboard, refreshed every day.


The 8(a) STARS III GWAC offers admittance to exceptionally qualified, confirmed 8(a) little burdened organizations. The agreement has a $50 Billion program roof with a five-year base period and one three-year choice.

  • 8(a) STARS III Industry Partners
  • 8(a) STARS III Pricing
  • 8(a) STARS III Ordering Guide and Contract


The VETS 2 GWAC offers a special commitment to the government obtaining local area as it’s the main GWAC put away only for Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB). VETS 2 is intended to meet an assortment of different organization IT necessities, including new and arising advancements. The agreement has a $5 Billion program roof with a five-year base period and one five-year choice.

  • Industry Partners
  • VETS 2 Pricing
  • VETS 2 Ordering Guide and Contract
  • VETS 2 FAQs

Alliant 2 (A2)

The Alliant 2 GWAC contract offers extensive data innovation (IT) arrangements through adjustable equipment, programming, and administrations arrangements bought as a complete bundle.

  • Alliant 2 FAQ
  • Alliant 2 Industry Partners
  • Alliant 2 Pricing
  • Alliant 2 Resources

GWAC Dashboards

Utilize intelligent GWAC Dashboard device that permits GWAC partners to view and section GWAC data to settle on better business choices.

You can:

  • Investigate GWAC information by contract family, government office and industry accomplice
  • Assemble modified reports and download them to your PC

How do I get a GWAC contract?

The ascent of government-wide securing contracts has permitted government offices to exploit their size to arrange lower costs. Their utilization has likewise established a climate in which a solitary merchant will give item and administration backing to more staff.

By having one office assess a merchant for quite some time needs, the central government can diminish the probability that different offices should “rehash an already solved problem” by attempted their own, separate checking process.

As per the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the IT arrangements that GWACs give admittance to incorporate frameworks plan, programming, data confirmation, and endeavor design solutions.

Notwithstanding GWACs under GSA, there are GWACs from NASA and the National Institute of Health (NIH). These elements consider the public authority to secure an assortment of agreements to get enlightening innovation arrangements for a minimal price with an assortment of tech organizations that have been supported to take an interest.

An administration wide procurement contract combines buys rather than having every office go into a singular agreement.

The GWAC contract Prices Paid Tool gives government offices itemized data on how their IT dollars are spent on GSA GWACs. These apparatuses assist with giving a reasonable cost investigation, dealings, free government quotes (IGCE), and help in benchmarking serious prices.

Government-wide office contracts (GWACs) have become more well-known over the most recent five years when contrasted with office explicit agreements. In 2015, GWACs were 12% of spend and developed to 20% of spend in 2019. The essential justification for the development is cost and comfort and GWACs are relied upon to keep filling in prominence

Involving a GWAC to get IT answers for a particular government organization accompanies a couple of steps, which are as per the following:

  1. Attend Training
  2. Request Procurement Authority
  3. Issue the Task Order
  4. Request an Optional Scope Review
  5. Request an Optional Capabilities Statement
  6. Report Contract Actions
  7. Review Past Performance


Oasis isn’t a Government wide acquisition contracts (GWAC). GWACs are explicit to IT necessities while OASIS contracts with OASIS GWAC are explicit to Professional Services prerequisites.

OASIS Program Benefits

  • Offers a solitary government-wide obtaining stage to help complex expert administrations necessities and both Commercial and Non-Commercial Professional Services;
  • Maximizes amazing open doors for Small Businesses;
  • Offers a predetermined number of awardees and contract holders;
  • Offers entrance/exit ramp strategies to guarantee an adaptable, lively merchant pool;


GWACs are normally used to buy new innovation and are used fundamentally for data innovation arrangements. GWACs are accessible through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the National Aeronautics Space Association (NASA), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The GSA Schedule, otherwise called Federal Supply Schedule, and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a long haul government-wide contract with business organizations that give admittance to a large number of business items and administrations at fair and sensible costs to the public authority.


IDIQ contracts give a strategy to arrange from existing organization endless conveyance contracts as well as agreements granted by another office [for example Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) and Multi-Agency Contracts (MACs)].

GWAC Contract Access Fee

GWACs give admittance to profoundly qualified, experienced workers for hire for overall arrangements. Organizations can give GWAC orders utilizing their own staff, or utilize an Assisted Acquisition Office to put orders for their benefit. The agreement access expense (CAF) is just ¾ of one percent

By concentrating the acquirement of IT items and administrations, GWACs permit organizations to exploit the public authority’s tremendous purchasing power, which can assist with bringing down costs. Organizations put in task requests against a current GWAC for the items and administrations they wish to buy. This should be possible through office staff or by means of the GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Services Division. Since the agreement is as of now settled, this strategy should set aside offices time and cash.

Offices are expected to legitimize new GWACs to decrease the quantity of agreements gave.