GSA schedule holdar

Small Business GSA Schedule Holders had a very good 2020. This is contrary to the impression of many people that I have talked to in recent months. In fact even as many businesses were shut down due to COVID, the federal government kept utilizing the Schedule System. The average GSA Schedule Holder increased their federal sales in 2020 by $84K, which represents an 8.2% growth rate over 2019. (see table below)

Year GSA Schedule Sales Small Business GSA Vendors Average Sale per Small Business GSA Schedule Vendor
2020 13,234,227,025 11,965 1,106,078
2019 12,324,639,249 12,066 1,021,435

As you can see from the table the number of GSA Schedule holders hovered around 12K firms for the past two years, but the usage for Small Businesses from GSA Schedules increased driving up the revenue on a per firm basis.

Small Businesses Federal Contractors as a Whole

In 2020 according to USA the federal government had a slight decrease in small business spending $130.B (there maybe some additional contracts that settle that put this on par with 2019). If this retracement of 2019 figures holds it seems likely due to the unprecedented expansion in small business federal contracting that started in 2016.


10% of all small business spending in 2020 occurred utilizing the GSA Schedule system. Small businesses are providing better solutions and finding their niches more than ever in the federal marketplace. Also many of our clients generate contract and make sales via other contracting vehicles after having made first contract with the agency through the schedule system.

I anticipate another banner year for small businesses with GSA Schedules as our slightly wobbly economy seeks to get back on track.