GSA age of 70

The General Services Administration at 70 years old is now the fittest it has ever been saving tax payers over 10% of the dollar amount spent through the GSA. The dollar amount of this savings is $6.8Billion. GSA gives 15,000 small businesses $1 million per year in federal contracting opportunities. 37% of all dollars spent through the GSA Schedule System are with small business. This is one of the highest utilizations of small business throughout the federal government.

Currently the GSA Schedule has four key areas of focus:

1. IT Modernization specified on GSA Modifications
2. Enhancing Customer Experience
3. Utilizing Advanced Data Analytics
4. Federal Change Management

History of GSA with all GSA Modifications and other GSA Changes

July 1, 1949 – Harry S. Truman forms the GSA Schedule Contract to streamline the administrative work of the federal government.
1960 – GSA created the Federal Telecommunications System, a government-wide intercity telephone system.
1972 – GSA established the Automated Data and Telecommunications Service.
1973 – GSA creates the Office of Federal Management Policy.
1978 – GSA centralizes Acquisition Policy within itself.
1984 – GSA introduced the federal government to the use of credit cards along with other GSA Updates. Today, the GSA SmartPay program has over 3 million card holders.
1994 – GSA’s introduced the Design Excellence Program to streamline the way it selects architects and engineers for major construction projects. Giving Federal Buildings the ability to be architecturally significant in their areas.
2001 – E-Gov Initiatives, E-Authentication, E-Gov Travel, Federal Asset Sales, and the Integrated Award Environment.
2013 – GSA Total Workplace initiative to help federal agencies reduce office space, foster collaboration, better manage IT spending, and increase energy efficiency and other GSA Help for GSA Changes.
2016 – GSA launched the Acquisition Gateway to generate one acquisition community. Today this gateway has tens of thousands of users.
2016 – GSA starts the “Make It Easier” (MIE) Initiative allowing new and innovative companies to do business with the government having GSA Schedule contract.
2016 – Creation of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS) in order to help agencies navigate building, buying, and sharing user-centered and emerging technology solutions on relevant GSA Updates.